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Whether I met them on the net, at the ren faire, irl, or maybe I'm related to them, these are the people who I love the best.. in no particular order, of course! Except maybe alphabetical. I'm just picky that way. PICS TO COME SOON!!

On the Net

Keith Heffner, (aka The Whitedragon to those who surf the net) is nearest and dearest to my heart. He has shown me how to survive the ages, live in the present, and look forward to the future. "Froot Loop!!"

In a like MuMuLand, there's plenty of people to talk to! I couldn't possibly list them all, but the ones I know the best include my sesters, Bean, Madison, Legend, Spooky, Tristan and Windy. If you see them, tell them dEwny sez hi!

One day while I was hopping around the net, I stumbled across StarSong's webpage. We corresponded a couple of times and still write from time to time. I just liked her page!

Friends I met on the way to the Faire

New to my host of faire-friends, is a cheerfully cynical elf most recently from the Bronx. Bronxelf is a person who loves telling stories as well as listening to new ones. She's a good friend to have on your side, and not someone to be trifled with! "BUH!"

Another Faire-goer I know actually works there! (Imagine that! Renaissance Festival. Work. Nahhhh....) Kissandra Serenade, of the Women of Whimsey musical act, has her own website. Talk about irony. It's strange to be exchanging E-mail addresses with someone while wearing a bodice. But she and her companion in song, Scarlett O'Harlot, are one of my favorite acts at the faire. And I'm lucky to be able to call them friends. After all, they indulge our requests for "Demeter's Daughter" over, and over and over...

And these three would definitely fit into that category of ren-addicts. Kathi, Emmy, and Melissa helped me understand the ins and outs of faire. The important stuff! Where to find the best cider and which tavern flies might be persuaded to purchase a cider for a damsel in an empty mug of distress! Oh yeah, and friendship. Life is too short to be without it...

Then there's the Mistress Columbina, Stupina (don't ask, just go see it!) and a host of other personalities, who, when all rolled into one, make up Michelle. She also works at the Maryland Rennaissance Festival. Check out her act. You won't be sorry!!

You may have seen this ren-addict running around the Maryland Fairegrounds. Regan Avery's page is dedicated to the festival. I even have a special spot on the ren-addicts anonymous (or not so anonymous) page. It's people like these that make faire what it is.

I left my friends in Colorado...

There's one friend of mine who I would like to see on the net. But I think she's terrified the computer will eat her up or something. Marie has a great love for my printer at 3 a.m. "J-J-Judy? I th-th-think I b-b-broke your p-p-printer!" It's okay... I still love ya! *hug*

MuMuLand attendant, Moriarty has his own homepage as well. If you visit his page, you can catch a glimpse of a whole other world! His creation of a world where Super Heroes exist is extremely believeable. Maybe one day he'll have his OWN comic books? His little brother Jose could draw his characters, and Kris could write the scripts. :)

Shannon, another Colorado resident, who has been my best friend since the 8th grade (Hi, I'm Judy and I'll be sitting HERE today!) used to be my other half. People used to say we were siamese twins joined by an invisible umbilical cord. While that cord has been stretched over 1700 miles, I still feel her presence sometimes, when I see a Disney movie, or watch Labyrinth, Princess Bride or especially Gone With the Wind. And everytime I sing a song that needs harmony I notice her absence. "You're my best friend!" "And you're mine, too, Todd."

...but I've made new ones here in Maryland.

Susannah, aka DataAngel is someone I work with. We have a lot of fun (yes... at work!) and we even get stuff done occasionally. hee hee. Susannah is an expert on random and most often trivial (albeit interesting!) information. She loves the jumbles & crosswords, Simpsons, and the X-files. "Mmmmm... Mulder."

Then there's Laura, who despite her sometimes dark, mysterious and pessimistic demeanor, took the plunge of marriage to a terrific guy who I also call a friend. Together, Joe & Laura are strong and beautiful, and I wish them all the best. Glad you liked the rat!

And Rebecca, who was formerly known as SnowWhite when she logged in, I've known almost the whole time I've lived in Maryland. She enjoys the RenFaire, the Monkees, and especially Elton John! But since having her baby girl on March 25, 1998 (Elton Johns birthday!), being a mom seems to be more important than being online. I guess I can understand that! Hello to Chris, George, Lily and her sister Molly, too!

...and dragged some of them with me!

That would be Brad, who recently moved to Pennsylvania to attend Carnegie Mellon as a grad student doing research on a bunch of chemical stuff that I don't begin to pretend I know how to do :) And he thought he wouldn't graduate high school. HEH! I knew he would amount to something after all. Anyway, I hadn't seen him in six years. And now I guess he remembers why that is. I think I'm the only person in the world who can get away with picking on him, and return unscathed... much. :P Hopefully it won't be another six years. "Sailor-Moon."

And Erwin/Eric/Ozzy (and perhaps some nicknames that haven't been thought up yet!) who I also knew when I lived in Colorado, back in the good ol' days of McDonald's. YUCK! I'm so glad we got out of that mess, and are leading "real" lives now. But, don't you miss the snow?

I've even managed to get some of my family members online.

My step-dad, Len, who lives in California is an internet surfer, as well as an airplane buff and beagle lover! I also got him to appreciate the feline half of the pet world. He's a softy when it comes to strays. I guess that's why we always got along so well. ;)

And I have a couple "sisters" out there with internet familiarity. Lynda, a school teacher in Texas, and her husband Mark have their own homepage. And, from Nebraska, Judy "O'Chelle" who has aspirations of becoming a nurse, has two kids named Ayla and Bobby. (hope that's spelled right!) We all keep in touch via E-mail along with their mother who lives in Colorado. I may not know their street addresses, but I know URL's and E-mails.

Hopefully one day, I can convince my mother to get online. I don't get to talk to her much, since it's long distance to Nebraska, but I think I would write all the time if I had E-Mail! Same goes for my dad and his wife in Texas. If you're looking at this... "Y'ALL NEED E-MAIL!!!!"

And last, but not least on this page, is my little Pooh Bear. He has his own webpage, too!

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