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Whether you need to relax and unwind, find some mood music or just need a little background music to work on your webpage, any of these artists will do the trick.

Enya is soothing, uplifting, spiritual and exotic all in one. Listen to any of her CDs. Pictured here is the cover of her "Watermark" CD. If you want to know what she's singing, check out the translations.

Or perhaps Manheim Steamroller, best known for the "Fresh Aire" collections, which has a rhythm and jazz flavor as well as a calming and reflective mood. Goes perfectly with a steaming cup of coffee on a brisk fall morning. Or a late night back rub...

Speaking of mornings, how about a Deep Breakfast with Ray Lynch. Anyone for spaceship popcorn? Or was that Celestial Soda Pop? I can never remember :)

And yes, I even like Yanni. Sometimes with a New Age flavor, and sometimes with a classical flavor, his music is the best of both worlds. Just goes to prove that society hasn't lost all creativity, yet.

If you can't choose just one artist, try a variety of Celtic artists with a CD from the Celtic Heartbeat collection.

Even the haunting and achingly beautiful music of the Braveheart soundtrack will remind you of how life must have been once. There's something about the wistful sound of a far off bagpipe that tugs at my soul...

If that wasn't enough for you, or if you want to learn more about what may have inspired such music as this, try this Celtic Link. The answers we are looking for today just might be found when we begin to remember our past...

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