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yes, she DOES show up on camera...

"i said, DON'T take a picture of me!"

"heyyyyyyy, 'at's a nice view..."

"how's this. too posey?"

"they're coming to take me away, ha ha hee hee ho ho!"

i think this is the OTHER warner sister...the one they don't talk about (shhhh)

and finally, Ariana, DataAngel, Su, Shoo, Sioux-sannah, The Great and Powerful Suswannah Fernardino (however you know and love her!) with a never before photographed... dare i say, smile? :)

click on the eeyore for su; click on the pooh for me!

i had to put these on here... sorry. the canadians made me do it.

thanks for downloadin' this far. not that i expected ya to, mind ya.