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If you've chosen to click on the Summer Queen image, you've found the happy side of my life. This is the way most of you probably know me, for I do tend to... errr... bounce? for lack of better word... Actually, I'm not sure why I tend to be such an optimist. There isn't much that drags me down. I'm just a kid at heart.

Maybe afterall, that's what each of us longs to be. So today, I give you permission to indulge in the light side. Forget your troubles for a moment, and find something to smile about. There has to be something here to interest you! Even the most hardened of goths need to smile once in awhile, just to remember how.

My mom always asks me, "when will you EVER grow up?" And honestly, I hope I never do. Growing up is what you do when you forget how to dream. Forget your dreams, and you forget your hopes. Forget your hopes, and you forget how to love. Forget how to love and you've forgotten how to live.

Now without further ado, in honour of the sunny side of life, I've left my worries to the Snow Queen, and my cares are long since melted with the her winter's frost. The clouds complete with silver lining can be found here... where there is always hope.