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If you've clicked on the Snow Queen image, you are now going to see the dark side of me. Yes, I actually have one... or at least a serious side. Sometimes I worry about everything. Sometimes I worry about absolutely nothing, and I'm worried that something will happen that I should worry about. There is always something going on in my mind.

At times it seems it would overwhelm me. My concern for the people around me, for those I love, and concern for those I don't even know. Perhaps an image on the T.V. or a story on a radio broadcast, will send me into hours of pondering. But then, that doesn't necessarily make me DEEP or anything.

So, as part of this apparent duality, I've left my Pooh side of life over in the Summer Queen domain. The balloons and the bunnies and clouds complete with silver lining can be found there. Here you will find the darker clouds. Perhaps they are storm clouds; perhaps they bring with them rain or precede something even more terrible. But even on this side of life, there is always hope...